Made in Days

One day at a time

With every handcrafted product comes a lesson from life’s fable.
Two pairs of hands come together to create one of a kind
products for each of life’s quirks.

Day 1: Sharpshooter

Practical, brave, and ruthlessly charming, the Sharpshooter is
an accessory with a whole lot of bite.

Balance between the Stitches

Leather Tanned to a crisp cinnamon hue and waxed to matte perfection.

Felt Made from vegan materials for durable color and firm texture.

100% Handmade

The leather exterior is waxed with natural beeswax for a beautiful rustic finish that protects as it ages. Inside, a clever series of folds and stitches reveals unexpected functionality to the slim accessory.

9,5cm × 7cm
3.74″ × 2.76″

Keepsake friendly

Up to 8 cards

All Cash Currencies

Limited Edition of 8 wallets for $


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